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Monthly Archives: March 2021

Out of the fever swamps of the covid year comes the first full-length Awesome Boys album. Some songs are decades old, written by old friends in a youthful alt country band; some are new explorations of Derailleur songs; so new the paint’s still wet. Somehow, covers of Low and Hank Williams worked their way in. Who knows? Dig in, and enjoy.

Feel free to stream or download; album should be available on Spotify soon as well. If you’re inclined, it’s also available to purchase through Bandcamp (albeit without the covers, because of Bandcamp’s licensing situation… still, they’re available here).

01. Dustin’s Song
02. Taco Says
03. Easy E
04. Your Cheatin’ Heart (Hank Williams)
05. 2020
06. Get Drunk (Grant Weeks)
07. Trippy Space Trip (Through Drug Space)
08. My Cubicle
09. No Pants at Falbos
10. What’s It Take
11. Just Stand Back (Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker)
12. The Cigar Song (Erik Jensen)

Unless otherwise noted, songs by Keith Pille.

Produced and mixed by Aaron Schiel at Nowhere Studios, Minneapolis, MN.

THANKS TO: Bob Brown, Erik Jensen, Mark Kalar, Dale Plasek, Grant Weeks, Rebecca Collins, and anyone who talked me through part of this on twitter or wherever.